On John's roadster, we'll be using a Sid Chavers "Bop Top".  But since the top will not be on the car very often, we hate to have the top mounts sticking up in the wind, not looking all that good.  The solution is to make them retractable.  They originally came from Brookville just welded, unplated steel.  They now retract into the body when not in use.  The only thing left to do is drill the hole and have them chrome plated

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We've added a cap to the mechanism.  This fits down into a "cup" welded into the body. This cap comes off when the top is to be mounted. This will allow for a much cleaner, finished appearance, as it will be painted to match the car.  It also will stop any paint chips from occuring if the top is on the car, and you have any movement side to side (the mechanism no longer touches the body).


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