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Here's what we started with.  Alan had made a grid of 1/2" by 1 1/2" rectangle tubing.  This will provide great strength and mounting points for seats, etc.


Here's the trunk section welded in.  It's tacked on the topside, welded solid on the underside.  Before installing, we made all the necessary provisions for the evaporator, tank vent routing, fuel line routing, interior panels, etc.

Here you can see the evaporator location along with dryer and battery.  It all fits in nicely behind the seat

We first welded the bottom side of the floor.  Once completed, we layed several layers of Dynamat down for heat and sound insulation.  Once completed, we are now in the process of welding a top side floor.  This will make two smooth floors with a barrier in between.  The passenger side foot area has already been done in the shot.

Here all of the floor has been welded and ground.  We've documented the location of the grid, so the interior shop will know where to put seat mounting bolts.  Also we've made an access panel for the master cylinder which sits flush in the floor.
That's it.  The floor is finished and the heater/air hoses have been run.  We also made a real neat cover for the hoses on the underside so they will not be seen.