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This chassis was built by Boyd in the early '80's.  Alan had a few things he wanted to change.  One was the front crossmember.  He really wants the car to sit good, so we built a new, flat front crossmember.  Combined with a superlow front spring and the car should sit real well.


Here we added polished stainless brakelines, also moved the motor mounts back 1.5" (better radiator clearance for a mechanical fan with shroud).  We also relocated the steering box for better geometery between the tie rod and drag link.

The chassis originally had a fruit jar master cylinder.  Something you really don't want to use today.  Unfortunately there wasn't room to just drop a new dual master cylinder in, so we removed the fruit jar and started making room.

We had to lower the brake/clutch arm a little (new master a little taller than fruit jar), move the mount forward a little, notch the back crossmember and also mill a bit of the length of the master.  We also needed to move the clutch linkage pivot arm back.  A bunch of little things in order to make it work, but it's all in now.

We also boxed the motor mounts after the were moved back - adds a little strength and looks nice

Alan wanted a rear sway bar, so we adapted a TCI unit.  It was just a matter of changing the brackets that bolt to the chassis and making new pieces to attach the arms to the ladder bars
Here's the chassis ready for the body to be bolted on so the rest of the buildup can proceed.