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Alan wanted a real clean, traditional column.  He had an original '33 column and drop that was real sweet, so we decided to modify it to work.


The original drop had a steering lock that had a great look, just too short.  We added some length to bring the column down some, and also gave it a raised area to match the raised areas of the dash.

We will eventually have a '33 wheel cut down with a slight dish added, but for now the mock up wheel is used because it has the same dimensions.  We also adapted the column to use a wheel mounted horn button.

We wanted the firewall area as clean as possible, so we made a little cupped piece and welded it to the firewall.

The only thing seen on exit of the firewall is the u-joint.  No shaft or splines are visible.

Here's a picture after all of  the bodywork, painting, sanding and buffing has been done.  It will really look nice with the finished wheel and brown leather interior.