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This is what we start out with - some 2 1/2" straight tubing and some donuts from Ron Covell.  These donuts are real nice as they make really tight turns without any "kinks". 


We will remake the end that bolts to the header collector, since it is too long and will hang down below the frame rails.

At this point, we have brought the hardest side back to the muffler.   Every joint has been TIG welded and sanded smooth.  We will now duplicate this to the other side.

Both sides are now complete back to the mufflers.  They are completely above the bottom of the frame rails.  They are also mirror images of each other, which will look nice from under the back of the car. 

The pipes are now routed over the rear end (this is done with the rear bottomed out so clearances are not an issue) and routed under the tank (not shown).  This is a nice exit point as it's not real noticable from the side of the car
The exhaust is now completed.  Once the car is completely mocked up for the last time, the exhaust will then be shipped out for Jet Hot coating.

Here's a shot of the exhaust back from Jet Hot.  They really do a nice job - stays clean and shiny with minimal amount of work.