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The top has already been chopped, but the garnish mouldings needed to be done.  Here's a shot of the door moulding, one chopped and one unchopped.  With the value of these so high (somewhere around $2500 for a complete set!), we need to take great care in doing it right.


Here's where we made the cuts.  With the windshield posts layed back, it minimizes the amound of cutting.
Here's the finished piece after welding and finish sanding.  They will require very little finish work prior to painting.

The fit to the door is really nice.  A perfect fit to the door and all screws lined up perfectly.

The back window piece before cutting.
This was very straightforward cut - just remove the bottom, shorten and reweld.
Here's the finished piece.
The windshield garnish mouldings - very basic cut and weld.  These are new pieces from Lobecks.
One's finished up and ready to move on!
Here's a picture after all of  the bodywork, painting, sanding and buffing has been done.  It will really look nice with the brown leather interior.