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We started out with a new "Tanks" tank.  Alan wanted a tank that looked original but didn't leak like the original.  The problem is the old style caps leak and the new billet screw on caps don't look original.  The solution could be to add an original cap to the screw on cap, but the problem with this is the screw on cap is too small of a diameter and the original cap is too big for it.  So therefore, we needed to use a larger diameter screw on cap and mate that to an original (for the best of both worlds).  So what we have here is a 2 1/2" diameter screw on cap and bung, but the bung is too short and needs to be extended before it can be added to the tank.
The bung and extension have been welded together and are now the correct length.

We took an original style cap (repro from Bob Drake), gutted out the key mechanism and machined out everything to provide clearance for the screw on cap.  We also shaved off some material from the screw on cap so it would fit inside the original cap and not be seen.

Here's a shot of the two together.  There's a tiny bit of the screw on cap showing, which we will just polish so it will blend in with the cap.

Here's a shot of the finished filler neck/cap unit.  Before adding in the neck, we added a "flange" like the original, so when the unit is painted, you will not see the difference between this and an original.

We also added the "triangles" to the sides of the tank (top and bottom).  We made every effort to have this tank look original but without the rusty insides and leaky caps.
Here's a shot of the finished tank.  The bottom side is just as nice as the top.  It's now ready for mounting in the chassis.