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Alan wanted a cleaner look to the headlights, so we're going to remove the wires running from the lights to the shell and run the wires inside the headlight bar.  We're starting with a typical stainless dropped headlight bar.


We've cut it in order to cross drill a hole through both pieces.  We're running blinkers in the headlights so we need room for 3 wires.

At this point the drilling is done in the bar end, we still need to drill the end that attaches to the fender.   Once completed, we will reweld the pieces back together and repolish.

Here's a shot of the completed piece.  We will now finish the other end and bolt it to the car.
Here's the completed unit, all holes drilled.

Here's a peek at the bar with lights attached.  We're using a modified '34 Commercial headlight from Jesse Greening.  If you look real closely, you notice there is no clip for the ring on his lights (at the bottom).  The ring is billet and threads on to the bucket.  A real trick piece.