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Alan opted for a 3 piece hood from Rootlieb.  We're going to make a few changes in order for it to look a little better on the car.


Upon test fitting to the body, we found the body line at the cowl didn't match up real well with the back of the hood.  The hood was short about an 1/8" at both sides.  We'll have to add that amount to the hood.  We're also going to pie cut the hood at the front 3/8" just to thin out the hood top a bit.

Once tacked in place, we check the fit.  At this point, everything looks good and we'll finish welding.

We're finished TIG welding and sanding the area smooth, we can go on fitting the hood to the car.


We're using the Hagen hood hinge setup - it really aligns nice and functions great, allowing the hood to open on either side or be removed completely.  Here you can see we've located the firewall to shell bars.  Great care is taken to make sure the hood is flowing correct with the car - not uphill like you occasionally see!

The hood is mounted along with the supports.  At this point it opens and closes with ease.
We've added some hood supports (modified Dan Fink units).  The hood was pretty flimsy before - these really stiffen things up.
The hoods sides were then completed.  Alan chose stock 25 louvre - good choice with the style of car we're after.  Quite a bit of work was required to have them fitting real nice.  At this point all gaps are complete and the hood is done.