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Here's a shot of the seat in Alan's coupe.  We tried to keep the flavor of an original style seat, yet still be seated low enough in the car to look good.  It is very comfortable and fits Alan well.  Steve Peason and his crew of Upholstery Unlimited in Clinton Iowa made the seat as well as the rest of the interior. 

The bottom sides of the seats are finished real nice.  You can also see the heater ducts in this shot.  The rest of the bottom is open in order to act as a cool air return for the air conditioner.

Here's a nice shot of the front of the cabin.  We're really happy with the look of the older wheel/column drop/gauge panel.  It's a really classy interior
Here's a shot of the headliner.  It appears to be pretty straightforward but in reality there's alot going on.  The air unit is mounted behind the seat (sealed off from the trunk) with air ducts running up through the headliner to the vents.  All duct work is steel tube (except for about 2 feet of flexible hose in the entire car) so it flows exceptionally well.  The front ducts were made in such a way as to direct air right back at the driver and passenger.  The side vents in the headliner direct flow to the bodies and down to the return area under the seat to provide good circulation in the cabin.  Everything is insulated real well and works exceptionally well.


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