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Here's a shot of the trunk.  It looks very basic at first glance - just some panels with no storage.

Closer examination shows the back and side panels are removable revealing very spacious storage compartments.  Plenty of room for rags, cleaners and such.  You'll notice everything is finished both front side and back - no embarrassing pieces here!
There is also a hidden compartment under the floor.  A duster among many other things will fit here real nice.

Just a quick peek at the cabin.  All of the panels fit like a "glove".  Also in this shot you can see the completed dash and wheel.  The one-off gauge panel from Classic Instruments looks right at home in the car.  We're really happy with how everything has come together.  The car is going to make it's debut at Goodguys Indy this year - we hope you will check it out!


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