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Once the bare frame was thoroughly cleaned and ground, we could spray the first coats of primer (in this case, PPG DP90).  We'll do any bodywork over this primer

Once the bodywork has been finished, we move on to the filler primer stage.  We block then entire frame until everything is just right.

Here's a shot of the frame once the sanding and buffing has been completed.  It's a down hill slide from here...

Here's the chassis with all of the brake lines run and bled, front and rear mounted and tank mounted and fuel system checked.

Here's a close up of the front suspension.  You can see how the slotted wishbones are going to look on the finished car.

Here's a shot of the mid to rear section of the chassis.  You can see how the exhaust stays above the bottom of the rails and you'll notice everything is either painted, polished or chromed.

All of the wiring has been pulled through the chassis at this point, just waiting to drop the body down for the last time.
The finished chassis.  It went together real quick and easy with no surprises.  We almost hate to cover it up!