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  We're starting with a basic ZZ4 engine from Pace Chevrolet.  A real good motor, but nothing too exciting yet! 
 After many hours of grinding/sanding on the block and heads, it's ready for a few coats of primer.
 Primed and ready for block sanding.  A very tedious job, but will be worth it in the end.
 With the block and heads painted, we need to finish painting all of the bolt on pieces such as water pump and starter.
 Definitely looking alot better now - with the Hilborn Injection and Hunt Magneto, it looks much racier.  We're going to enlist the help of Steve Sbelgio (owner of Eclipse Engineering in Whittier CA) to do the wiring and tuning of the injection, using Accel electronics.  He's a master at this, so we're anticipating great results!
 Just to round out the racier look, we're going to add this Milodon drag race oil pump.  Should fit the look were after just right!