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 Here's the starting point.  Once the shell is in the correct position, we get some tape lines lining up the body line to the shell.  This will tell us where the body line at the shell should be.
 Here we've cut the body line from the hood top. 
 At this point we can mark where to cut the hood top (it is actually a pie cut with about 3/8" at the front and nothing at the back).  This helps "lighten" the front of the hood top a bit.  The stock hoodtops seem to look a little heavy at the front
 Welding, filing and sanding are complete, with the just the edges needing to be finished.  The underside of the hood gets finished the same way.
 The hood sides are now fitted, and gapped.
 We now need to made a stand for the rear hoodholders.  Instead of just a flat plate coming off of the frame, we'll make a little bracket using these pieces.
 Here's the finished piece - fits the racier look of the entire car.
 Here it is on the car.
 Done with the hood.