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 This area has always looked incomplete to us, so we're going to make rear corners to finish it off a little nicer.  We've done this on several other cars, and it just seems a little more complete.
 At this point, we've made a plate on the top to bolt to the body, and just start roughing out the wheelwell area.  A little shaping is necessary, but not bad.
 Now we need to make the curved rear section.  This takes a little more shaping.
Most of the shaping can be done with the English wheel.  Just keep working the metal until the correct shape is attained.
Here's the finished piece.  It can now be trimmed and added to the other section.
It's trimmed and ready to be welded together.
.All welded, filed and sanded.  Now just need to finish the inside edge around tank and frame rail.
All finished with a nice fit between corner piece and rail.
We're done.  Now we need to move that tank mounting hole underneath the corner piece.