A Little Bit About Us:


FastLane Rod Shop is a fully equipped shop that builds complete cars, one at a time.   Equipment such as TIG and MIG Welders, Bridgeport Mill, South Bend Lathe,  English Wheel, Shrinker/Stretchers, Bead Roller, Sheet Metal Brake, Slip Roller, Horizontal and Vertical Band Saw and Tubing Bender,  among other tools help keep as much work in-house as possible. This keeps transportation costs down and reduces the problems with different shops doing different things (which usually result in costly redo work and finger pointing). Also within the shop is a chassis jig and spray booth, along with another 2000SqFt building for storage of parts, keeping them fresh and safe.  Once the project is completed in bare metal and disassembled for paint, the assembly is done in a clean room out of harms way.

We work hard to keep overhead costs down and shop rates affordable.

Here's some pictures of the new 5000 Sq Ft shop we built in 2005




Here's a shot of the outside of the shop.  It's about 5000 sq ft plus an underground and an upstairs storage area.

When you walk into the office, you catch a glimpse at the attached assembly room.

One side of the office area.

A few shots of the fabrication area.  Basically the center of the shop is all fab, the bodywork room and spray booth are at one end, the clean room, machine room and blasting/polishing room are at the other end.

           Here's a shot looking out of the clean room into the main shop.
   Here's the machine room - a Bridgeport mill and South bend lathe among other tools.



A separate room for the blasting cabinet and polishing help keep these typically dirty areas closed off from the rest of the shop.