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 We've decided on using an original Plymouth gauge panel - we've always loved this panel, with one exception.  The speedo is on the wrong side.  It would look so much better if it were on the left, with the gauges on the right.  So we're going to fix this, and Classic Instruments will again work their majic and make the panel shine.  It's apparent in this photo the size difference between the factory hole and panel.  We'll fix this with the the goal of keeping the dash looking as original as possible.

We've started by cutting the lower dash section out and separating the panel opening.
A section has been added between opening for the additional width.
The opening now needs to be opened up for height difference.
We're getting closer, having added a section for the additional height
The opening is done, we now just need to add it back to the dash.
The section is tacked back in, now just finish weld and sand.
All finished with the dash, now to remake a panel for the actual gauge swap and it's off to Classic Instruments for a complete overhaul.