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Once we've determined where we're going to route the exhaust, we start at the engine and move to the back.  Keep in mind nothing will hang down below the rails.  We're using 2.5" steel pipe, with some mandrel bent ubends and donuts.  Everything will get Jet Hot coated when done.  Should be a very clean system.

We're always dealing with tight clearances, and with an automatic, things can get tight.  The route we're taking with the left side should work out well.  We're going to clearance the front of the tranny a bit for better exhaust clearance
 Nothing too fancy on the left side.  At this point we have to keep in mind the roughting of the cooler lines and fuel line.
Moving back to the mufflers, this is where things need to match up side to side.  We're using Juliano's new exhaust clamps - they a real nice piece.
With the left side up and over the ladder bars, we'll move on the to the right.
Up and over the rearend, we've trimmed the pipe and added some fluted tips.
The pipes are done - just need to do the rear mounts
Here's the completed exhaust - now just need to send it out for coating