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 It's kind of odd that Ford made the lines on the tank straight, whereas the body has a nice curve.  We're going to remake the tank and rear spreader bar to have the same subtle curve as the body.

First thing we're going to do is make a new piece for the inset area of the tank.  Here we're getting the proper curve with the roller.
Now in the English wheel, we'll give it the concave curve to match the body curve.
Phil made the rear spreader, doing a fantastic job at matching the body curve.  Here we have the correct curve in the tank piece.
We've added the inset with a bead roller, using a step die.
We're now ready to add the piece to the tank.
We've cut the section out of the tank that we're going to replace.
 All welded and back in the car.  A nice subtle change that really improves this area.