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The original mount for the SoCal hairpins is below the frame.  Does not look good that low, especially with a car that sits low.  We're going to move it up into the frame.

Here's where we'll add a bung we will make, having the same taper as the rod end.
 Here the bung is tacked into the rail.  It goes through to the other side for additional strength.
Once the rear mount is done, we need to change the angle of the lower shock mount. 
Because we've moved the mount to the frame rail, we've moved it out a little and the shock mounts look cross-eyed.  We will cut it off and reweld it so it is pointing straight ahead.
We're done rewelding and roughed it in.
Filed and sanded.
And repolished
Now they are at the correct angle.  When looking at the front of the car, it looks alot better.