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Here's the dropped headlight bar mounted in the stock location.  Just a little too high.  We're going to lower it just a bit.  While we're at it, we'll drill it out in-order to hide the headlight wires inside.

First, we cut the bar in half.  Since we're going to be lowering it, it's going to need to be shorter. 
 Here we've cut the area of the fender where the bar mounts.  We'll lower the factory holes and fill the section above.
We've finished lowering the sections in the fenders.  Metal finished topside and under.
The ends have now been cut apart and drilled.  They will be welded back together, sanded and polished.
One sides done, now just need to finish the other, then weld them back together.
Everything is done, headlights right where we want them to be.