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Phil's 3 window is going to have a classy interior, so we wanted to use a steering wheel that would look the part.  We're starting with an early Porsche wheel, which has some really neat inlays in the spokes

First, we're going to fit an early Ford horn button.  We'll need to make an adapter between the wheel and button.  The aluminum will do the trick.
 We've turned the piece in the lathe in order to get the shape to blend nicely between the wheel and button.
At this point the wheel is mounted with the horn button.  We also made an adapter to fit this assembly to the Limeworks column.
Now on to downsizing the wheel.  We're going to take about 1.5" out of the diameter. 
We've cut the hoop off of the original wheel.
The new hoop is welded to the spokes.
After getting a dip in Jon Wright's Custom Chrome Plating tank, and a nice coat of dark brown, the wheel is ready to go on the finished car.