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We’re going to slightly chop the top (around 3/4”).  Also, we’re going to lean the rear window forward just a “tick”.  We're shooting for a sportier look, without getting overly aggressive.  This is going to be more of a classy hot rod.  We’ve started by marking where are cuts are going to be.

The back window area has been removed.  We’ll get to it a little later.
The rest of the top is now removed.
We’ve taken out aprox 3/4” and set the top back down.  Once the fit is good, we’ll finish weld this piece.
This looks worse than it really is.  The upper door wood was bad in the car, so we’ve removed it.  We’ve split the roof to add a little section.  We also didn’t cut the door pillar – we were able to remove it from the upper wood, so we took the material off the top of the pillar.
The section in the roof has been added and filed.
Now that the A pilars are welded, we’ll move on to the back window.  We’ll just angle it forward until it looks right.
This is where we want it.  It’s just enough to look better, but not real obvious what’s been done.. little sportier than stock.
Once the section was welded , we could then chop the rear window. So here we’ve cut the upper section of the window out. We’ll take about 1/2” out...
We’re finally done.  A lot of cutting for a little amount, but we feel it’s better look all around.
Here’s the finished product.  At first glance, a stock appearing top, but a little “sportier”