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We're going to do a slight modification to the body.  We are going to take 1 1/2" out of the length of the door, and add the same amount to the side window area.  Thus we will be keeping the same overall length to the body, yet give the car a more "commercial" feel with the shorter doors.

Here's the cut in the body. We'll add 1 1/2" to this section.  By making the cuts this way, we should be able to work the welded area the easiest, and therefore get the best results.

Here's the piece we made to fill the area above the side windows.  A good fit enables us to TIG weld the piece, and therefore will be easier to finish.




Here's the finished area.  Now on to the lower portion.
By carefully fitting the additional piece, we're able to work the metal real nice.  The trick here is to go slow, and keep the heat down.  We've also started on the door.  At this point it's cut in half and we're measuring for the other section so we have a nice fit.




With the 1 1/2" out of the door, it now appears to be a good fit.  On to welding it back together.


Here's the completed door.  Alot of patience fitting everything back together nicely really pays off.  It's hard to tell it's been cut.
Here's the door back on the car.  Everything is coming back together nicely.
We're finished with the right side.  It's a slight change, but definitely helps with the commercial look!  Now on to finishing up the other side!