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The original cowl vent didn't look bad initially, but when you really start looking close, there were many areas pretty rusty.  The only real fix was to replace the entire unit.  We ordered one from Brookville Roadster.  

Here's what was removed.  A pretty big hole, but this will leave plenty of room to work the cowl back into shape as we're welding.  We've rounded the corners so as to not concentrate too much heat in a small area (as a 90 degree corner would).

At this point we have several small tack welds around the entire perimeter.  We've been lightly hammering on these as we go, along with some filling and sanding.






Everything is welded completely - now the tedious task of filling, and lightly hammering the areas until everything is back on the same plane.
At this point, we are done.  You can hardly detect the cowl has been messed with.  The only indication is the slight discoloration at the weld.




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