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George sent us up this panel - we think it's perfect for the look we're after.  Classic Instruments went through and supplied new gauges, fonts and colors.  This panel has the same basic shape as the original except it's a bit larger.

As you can see, we're going to have to expand the hole a bit in order to make this panel fit.  Hopefully when were done, you won't be able to tell we cut it up.
Here's the initial cuts.  We have to bring the lower part of the dash down about 3/4", plus seperate it on the top and bottom and sides.








We've open up the corners a bit - now we need to fill the gaps top and bottom
 Here's a close up of the corner.  Everything is TIG welded, so we should be able to metal work everything really nice.




Bottom is now filled and we made this piece to fill the top.



Now the area around the panel is complete, we now just need to fit it to the dash.
We're mocking it up to make sure we get it in the correct location.

Now that it's welded back to the dash, we just need to made filler strips for each side of the lower dash.










A close up shot shows how nice the dash is turning out - alot of time flat filling down the welds so everything is level.  When it's completed, you will only see a slight discoloration between the welded areas.  Only a little primer will be needed before painting.
Here's a shot of the two dashes - not much change, just everything is a little larger.  We look at it as though this could have been the optional gauge panel for the Sedan Delivery.
We are really happy with the look in the car.  Nothing really stands out as being different, but the panel is pretty killer!