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We're going for a very stark interior - only the seats will be upholstered.  So we needed to do the interior doors so they would look correct in a commercial vehicle.  We decided the '32 truck door would be perfect.  The only problem is it's about 5 1/2" narrower (that's after shortening the delivery door 1 1/2").  We'll just 'grow' the panel to fit the delivery doors.  We'll also need to remake the garnish moulding to fit, being the moulding is part of the panel.

Some careful cutting and we now have panel separated from the pickup door.

Here's where we made the cuts - we'll add about 2 3/4" on each side of the triangle access door.  This way it will stay centered.




About half way there.  Care must be taken as to not distort the metal which will just make things harder come time to paint.

We're done adding the metal, now just need to address the changes to the garnish moulding.



It's now attached to the delivery door, we are beginning to make the access door.  We'll roll a nice raised area on the access door and finish up the garnish moulding.


Access door is done, and we've added the window and door mechanisms and handles.  Should look really cool in black with the polished stainless screws and the chrome handles. 
Here you can really see the difference in the two doors.  Now on to the other side...