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Here's what we're shooting for.  After George and I discussed the initial concept, we called in Eric Brockmeyer to do some sketches.  Eric did some beautiful artwork along with adding some ideas of his own.  Since the car was initially thought of as a commercial vehicle, our goal is to really lean everything towards a more commercial feel.  We're going to leave the car the stock height, shorten the doors 1.5" and add the same to the side windows.  We'll do all of the hood/shell modifications to make the body lines and hood look correct.  We're making our own set of wheels patterned off of an early Divco Milk Truck wheel George sent up.  They will be 16's and 18's, and the centercaps will be made to resemble '32 Fords.  The difference is they will be sized proportionately to the wheels ( the rear centercaps will be a bit bigger).  They will also "float", so the V8 will always remain upright. 

It's powered by a 327/4 speed with tripower.  It will be dressed up with speedway's new Ram Horn exhausts, and Powermasters PowerGen, an alternator that looks like a generator.  Split wishbones in front and '36 radius rods in the rear (both are modified to have a really cool look).  Rear suspension is transverse leaf with a Winters Quick Change with Early Ford Sidebells.
Here's the concept for the interior - very stark!  The only material in the car will be on the seats - everything else will be either steel or wood.  The door panels are taken from a '32 Truck door.  The firewall will be visible from the inside.  The only thing on the floor will be rubber floor mats.  Everything else in the front half of the car will be steel.  All of the wood is custom made.  We're bringing in Kelly Page, an excellent woodworker we've known for years, to do all of the wood.  He's doing everything in Hard Rock Maple, made to look as if Henry designed it this way.  We are really excited about the concept, and can't wait to present the finished car!