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Time to fit a front apron to the Delivery.  We'll start with one of the aftermarket ones - but they don't fit real well!
We start off by cutting it apart.  After these cut's, we'll cut the bottom edge off.  We will shorten it up a bit also.
At this point, it's been shortened on the sides and once fit to the center, welded back together.  We've just tacked the lower portion of the center section at this point.
Now on to dressing up the sides a bit.  We'll make a hammer form to make some nice insets.
Here's the finished piece ready to be fit to the sides of the apron.
It's finished welded and we're now ready to move to the lower portion under the frame rails
The backside of a stock apron is not finished real well.  We'll make a nice curved piece that fits nicely to the lower part of the front rails.
Because it has a compound curve, we'll make this piece using an English wheel.
Here's the finished piece.  Looks allot nicer than a stock one.  We've also added a piece to the apron the comes up behind the lower part of the grill shell and meets the radiator.