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Here's where we started - big empty hole!  We going to add another firewall (to appear like it's the outer firewall, just with the ability to have insulation between them), floors (with inset rubber floor mats) and kick panels (shaped to match the door panels).
We start with another firewall.  We'll cut it up for clearance around the engine/trans, along with mounting provisions.
Here's the lower floor - it will remain separate from the firewall.  The area for the rubber floormats is sunken the thickness of the mats.
A lot of work has been done to this point.  Firewall cut for clearance and remade (with the factory look in mind).  The upper tunnel cover shaped and added to the toe board piece (which has the inset for the rubber floor mat completed).  Next these two will be welded together.
Now on to making the kickpanels.  First a cardboard mock-up was made to determine the shape, along with the bead design and access cover design.
Here's the panel after making the beads and boarder for the access hole.  It will get cut out and a cover will be made to fit.
Here we're adding a little round bead for each screw that holds the kick panel.  We will also do the same for the floor pieces, just with a larger bead (for larger screw).  Nothing high tech here, just a little die made on our lathe and some tightening of the bench vise!
Here's the finished pieces installed.   Looks like something that could have came from the factory!  A tunnel cover has also been made, with chrome screws eventually holding it in place.  The lower mount for the column can also be seen here - made to look like a cast factory piece.  It will eventually have chrome screws holding it to the firewall.
We also did the same for the metal under the seats.  The complete floor is double layered and has insulation between the top and under floor pieces.