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We're making a mechanical linkage for the 4 speed - here we are machining the pin for the pivot that bolts to the frame

Here we are dressing up the top of the pin for some "rivets".
The finished pivot (the rest of the attachment rods are just mockups).  The ratio works out real nice for a relatively short pedal throw and yet does not require alot of effort.  This piece will also have stainless rivets holding it to the frame.








Here's the motormounts we built.  The idea was to have a cast appearing piece, somewhat sturdy (keeping with the commercial feel)
The drivers side incorporates the steering box . 




Remember this is a full fendered car, so the top of the rails will be hidden.



We also cleaned up the brakearms, slicking them up like originals.












This is the piece we made that that holds the pin that the brake/clutch arms pivot on - it attaches to the side of the frame rails.
Here you can see the above piece.