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We're starting the project with a set of American Stamping rails.  Though they are a little work to get just right, they look the best in the end 

At this point the rails are boxed and in the jig.  We've used a Chassis Engineering crossmember, just modified to look as though it's been riveted in with stainless rivets.  The idea here is to clean things up a bit, and yet have an older style/feel to them.
The center is now made, also using stainless button heads (welded shut) to appear like rivets.
Here's we're modifying the rear portion of the center x-member with holes for the exhaust to run through.
We turned some steel tube to have a nice edge.  We will now weld this to the piece above.
After a little welding and some grinding/filing, we're done and can bolt it back into the chassis.
Now we have a nice area for the exhaust to pass through.  Since we're running a 4 speed with mechanical clutch linkage, clearance by the pedals is about nonexistent.  Since we wanted to keep the exhaust above the bottom of the rails, this was the only option. 
Here's a shot of the fuel filter mount - we tried to make it look like something Mooneyes or someone similar might have sold back in the 60's.